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Tenba Ridge wines

The wine lineup at Tenba Ridge does vary with supply, but here are most of the wines that are typically available for tasting and purchase. Along with grape wines, Tenba makes country wines as well. Country wines are made from fruits other than grapes. Tenba’s country wines are sweet but will not be mistaken for pancake syrup.

Tenba: Le Jardin du Rabbin   Le Jardin du Rabbin

Le Jardin du Rabbin (The Rabbi’s Garden)
Syrah – Cabernet blend
Made in the style of Châteauneuf du Pape, the famous Cotes du Rhone wine in France where the pope used to have their summer residence. It likes any red meat, is comfortable with rich stews, beef from the grill and lamb.

Tenba Winery Le Chapeau Rouge   Le Chapeau Rouge (The Red Hat)

Le Chapeau Rouge (The Red Hat)
Pinot Noir
Named in honor of the Red Hat Society, a social organization for women age 50 and over. “Their philosophy is simple, you have to live for a while to enjoy life,” John said. “I feel the same way about pinot noir. It has to be aged for a while or it’s plain mean.” Pares well with venison, stews and is a wonderful wine with turkey.

Tenba Ridge: Le Vein Rouge Grand   Le Vin Rouge Grand (The Big Red Wine)

Le Vin Rouge Grand (The Big Red Wine)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Made with juice from the central coast of California and co-fermented with a hint of apple juice. The result is a wine that is dry, but not harsh and “no sourness in the back of your throat.” The wine is very smooth and loves red meats coming off the grill.

Tenba: Le Jardin des Femmes   Le Jardin des Femmes (The Women’s Garden)

Le Jardin des Femmes (The Women’s Garden)
Müller-Thurgau was developed by Hermann Müller of the Swiss Canton of Thurgeau in 1882 when he crossed riesling and silvaner grapes. The name is in honor of the women who run a YWCA garden event in La Crosse. “It’s better than chardonnay,” John said. “My great-grandfather did not like chardonnay and I don’t make chardonnay.” The wine likes poultry, seafood and creamy pastas.

Tenba: Le Vin Aromatique   Le Vin Aromatique (The Spicy Wine)

Le Vin Aromatique (The Spicy Wine)
A mutation of the traminer grape, the Alsatians began calling this grape gewürztraminer, with gewürz translates from German as spicy. A very aromatic wine, it pairs well with spicy foods, blue cheese, gorgonzola and fruit. 


Tenba: Lune de la Moisson  
Lune de la Moisson (Harvest Moon)

Lune de la Moisson (Harvest Moon)
Melange e Trois
John was in southern Sonoma County in California in 2003 and stopped at the Hop Kiln Winery, where he sampled a wine called Thousand Flowers that was a blend of three grape wines. John sources three grapes from Northern California, adds a bit of apple juice and ferments the wine with lots of toasted oak. “This is a totally unique wine,” says John and has a cult-like following. It likes seafood, poultry and really likes pork.


Tenba: A Premier Abord   A Premier Abord (At First Blush)

A Premier Abord (At First Blush)
Most white zinfandel is made from juice that comes from the grapes after a few days of fermentation. Tenba’s blush wine is made from juice from the crusher run, which is juice that comes from the grape destemmer. The result is a very pleasant wine that likes spicy food – especially Cajun.


Tenba: Le Rouge Doux   Le Rouge Doux (The Soft Red)

Le Rouge Doux (The Soft Red)
Melance e Trois
John sources three red grapes from Northern California, adds some apple juice, ferments with lots of oak and ends up with this sweeter, less dry red. “It likes every food on the planet,” John says. The wine is best served at 55 degrees.


Tenba Ridge: Vin De Granny   Premier Vin De Granny

Premier Vin De Granny
Made with riesling grapes and apple juice, this was Linda's first wine developed as part of her oenology training. It is crisp without being harsh and smooth and without being too sweet. This is a big riesling.



Tenba: Blueberry Apple   Blueberry apple

Blueberry apple
Beware of wines that call themselves blueberry – most are a cheap white grape wine to which artificial flavor is added. John’s wines start with 300 pounds of soft blueberries that are reduced to skins in three days. “It tastes very delicate, because of the way we build it, is very smooth,” John says. “For people not looking for fruit-in-your-face wines, blueberry is the answer.”


Tenba: Cherry Apple   Cherry apple

Cherry apple
Researchers at Michigan State University say anthocyanins found in tart cherries have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. John uses Montmorency cherries and pinot noir juice for a wine that has a nice smooth finish without being too sweet. “I like to think cherry wine is a medication, but it’s something you have to discuss with your doctor,” John says. A wonderful companion with salty, smoky ham.


Tenba: Raspberry Apple  
Raspberry apple

Raspberry apple
Rapsberries are a wonderful fruit-forward fruit – give up the color like you can’t imagine. “Our raspberries are produced locally by a commercial grower, old-style, small berries with lots of color and lots of flavor.” John says. Very smooth and it pairs wonderfully with cheesecake.


Tenba: Cranberry Apple   Cranberry apple

Cranberry apple
A silver medal winner in 2008 among 4,000 wines in San Francisco, John starts with apple, cranberries and pinot noir. “The yeast takes the fruit and just shreds it,” John says. “These are three building blocks for a really nice wine.” Smooth but not sweet with a wonderful finish.



Tenba: Black Currant Apple  
Black currant apple

Black currant apple
Black currants are brought in from Belgium and from the Pacific Northwest to make a wine that is wonderfully rich and tart that is high in anti-oxidants. Pair with dark chocolate or for the ultimate dessert, a bowl of bittersweet chocolate, salted and sweet almonds and Ranier cherries, alternating the tastes with the wine. “Dessert lasts two and a half hours and you didn’t even heat up the kitchen,” John says.


Tenba: Boysenberry Apple  
Boysenberry Apple

Boysenberry Apple
Boysenberry is a three-way hybrid of loganberry, red raspberry and blackberry. Can also be pared with chocolate and really likes soft cheeses, like camembert. Stands up well as a dessert wine.


Tenba Ridge: Elderberry  
Elderberry Apple

Elderberry Apple
Made by fermenting elderberries with apple juice, this is a mild, aromatic wine. The wine is oaked and should be chilled and allowed to warm slightly.